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Combed Clap Of Thunder

Combed Clap Of Thunder

$6.00 - $8.00

PDF copies available on itch.io

**NEW*: Each order comes with a free code to download a digital copy from itch.io as well.

Combed Clap of Thunder collects 3 short stories by Zach Hazard Vaupen: "The Lonely Autocannibal The Scientist", "Bodhisattva", and "The Real Jesuses", centered around themes of emotional and spiritual confusion, through the lens of horror.

44 black and white pages, full color cover, 7x9 inches (15.2x22.8 cm), stapled comic book

Published by Retrofit/Big Planet Comics in Spring 2017

More info: https://emo-sludge.com/Combed-Clap-Of-Thunder

(There's an extra charge for signing books because the time adds up signing a lot of books, but if you really truly can't afford it but want me to do it, make a note in your order and I'll sign it. No questions asked.)

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